Our activity in the plastics industry, which started in 1998 in Gaziantep with the production of PET preform, has reached an annual capacity of 72,000 tons with the facility we established in Jordan in 2010.


The development of recyclable applications in multi-layer packaging films and our customers and end consumers, to whom we provide production services for flexible packaging, expect many performances from packaging materials. Strong impermeability, durableness, barrier, ease of use and recyclability are some of them.

We, as Sunpet Ambalaj, starting from our mission to respect the people and nature, this topic forms the center of our research and development studies. By ensuring that multi-layered films are design and produced suitable to recycling, we develop projects to develop new structures instead of non-recyclable materials, use raw materials with higher recycling rates, add value to functionality while simplifying the structures. We produce solutions in this regard and we are working to make 50% of our packaging production recyclable or reusable by 2023. Sunpet Ambalaj also develops its facility established with state-of-the-art machinery in terms of projects and innovations, and is happy to produce and protect what you produce together with you, our valued customers, on the way to be a brand that can give people and nature the value it deserves.


Environmentalist Innovation Projects

We look after what the nature gave us. We plant trees at every opportunity. We are developing methods that can add value to people and the environment.